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3 x Spiky Massage Ball Pilates ,Balls Set Trigger Point Release Massage

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  • PERFECT FOR EVERYONE: The Healthy Spiky Massage Ball is perfect for plantar fasciitis, muscle soreness and pre and post exercise trigger pointing.
  • THE IDEAL FIRMNESS: The 3 Different Sizes Healthy Spiky Massage Ball is the perfect firmness to get a fantastic deep tissue massage. Enjoy the quality you deserve!
  • EXTRA STRONG: Ideal for any size and shape. You can put your entire body weight onto the Massage Ball.
  • THREE SIZES: Get this set from us and you receive three balls of different size - you will have the option for any body part that might need a massage.

Massage Balls - Set of 3 for Deep Tissue Fitness Yoga Massage Recovery Description

Set of three multi purpose massage training balls in three different sizes. 

Perfect for muscle relief and warm up massage. Deep tissue experience thanks to the ball points. 
Each ball has a different size so it can be used for massaging various body parts - legs, neck, shoulders, feet, arms and more. 
Our balls and light and easy to carry around. Their texture is specially designed to bring the best of the point massage for your body - not too soft, not too hard. 
Guaranteed material durability so you can enjoy your massage balls for long years. 

Massage and muscle relaxation is a vital part of every fitness training.
Use our balls to improve your muscle recovery, relief stress at home or at the office, and improve your daily lifestyle! 

What's in the set: 
1x BLACK: 90mm 
1x BUE: 75mm 
1x RED: 70mm