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Exercise Dice for Home Fitness Full Body Workout Fitness Get Fit Home Gym Kids


Make workouts fun and different each time, get healthy at home! Mix it up and get the children involved. ideal for Xmas stocking filler.


  • Includes 3 Dice 


  • Dice 1 is the rep amounts:
  • 10 Reps, 20 Reps, 30 Reps, 30 Seconds, 60 Seconds, 90 Seconds


  • Dice 2 is Exercise Types 1:
  • Push Ups, Crunches, Squats, Lunges, Glute Bridges, Burpess


  • Dice 3 is Exercise Types 2:
  • Knee Pull-Ins, Heel Touches, High Knees, Leg Raises, Bench Dips, Jumping Jacks