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Weightlifting Gym Belt 6 Inch

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This back support weightlifting gym belt 6 inch is softer than many of the others that we have encountered, and much more comfortable to wear. It’s lightweight and easier to store and transport than its bulky counterparts, and this also means that it’s easier to perform exercises other than deadlifts and squats with if you’re looking to branch out. 

One great thing to mention is that it has all of this without sacrificing support, which is of course the most important function of the belt. 

The hook and strap mean that putting it on and adjusting it to fit your body is incredibly simple, and comfortable to boot – we’ve all suffered from buckles digging in before, but there’s no danger of that here. The hook and strap system is very similar to that of weightlifting gloves.

  • MORE PERFORMANCE AND SAFETY - with the FITLIT Weightlifting gym Belt you get a reliable brand product for your workouts. The back support belt protects you from injuries and pain in the lumbar spine area. Perfect for all types of weight training, especially for heavy squats, deadlifts, heavy rowing, etc.
  • STRONG INDUSTRIAL HOOK FASTENER - the extra strong hook fastener makes the training belt absolutely reliable even during heavy training. It is infinitely adjustable and holds bombproof. Depending on requirements, it can be loosened and tightened quickly between the individual sets.
  • VERY LIGHT AND COMFORTABLE - high-quality neoprene and a top layer of mesh fabric make the gym belt pleasantly easy to wear but still fully resistant. The belt can easily be folded after the workout and stored in any training bag.
  • PERFECT ANATOMICAL FIT - back and front are wider than the side part of the belt. This means great protection and stability for the back and abdomen area but at the same time comfortable wearing comfort with plenty of freedom of movement during sports.
  • WORRY FREE - you are welcome to order the Lifting Belt and test it properly in training. If you are not satisfied, the belt can be returned within 30 days. We are always available and will help as best we can.