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Mother's day Long Resistance bands fitness gift Box set

No to flowers this year (they in the bin after 7 days). Your Mother's day gifts are sorted 💝 Presented in a beautiful Red box and Elegant Pink ribbon on outside and red tissue paper and heart confetti on the inside 🎀

Give this ultimate Bundle to your mother/mother-in-law! This bundle is the perfect addition for you or a loved one to feel LIT 🔥

This bundle contains, our new set of 3 long resistance bands in marble print style


The Set of 3 x Resistance Bands, Saving you 25% compared to buying these individually. Includes Light, Medium and Heavy Band offering different levels of resistance, for all your training needs.  Use them individually or collectively to increase Resistance. Alternatively, up the ante by adding it into your next weight session.

Target, isolate and strengthen those muscles with our long resistance bands.

Made from polyester, custom cotton and Latex blend, these won't roll up or slide around while you're on your game. and come in an drawstring pouch for taking on your travels or in your gym bag.

Our bands will help you get your perfect full body fast. Easy to use and see results with just 10 minutes a day. Perfect for our gym, home and programs. Workout Program included with best booty building exercises to strengthen and tone your legs, thighs and butt. Whether you are a beginner or an athlete, our bands will help you see results.

SET OF 3 RESISTANCE: Our fabric booty bands come in 3 different strength levels (light, medium, heavy) plus a workout book with every purchase

FULL WORKOUT PROGRAM + CARRY CASE: We provide a comprehensive Workout manual with every band purchased. 

NO SLIDING/ ROLLING/ BREAKING: Our bands have been specifically designed to never roll, slide, or break. Tested with thousands of women of all shapes, sizes and strengths. Our bands are incredibly comfortable so you can use them with bare skin.

TRULY VERSATILE EXERCISE BAND: Use for Warming up Glutes and Legs, Activating Hips, Walking Side Steps, Hip Abductions, Squat & Deadlift Stabilisation, Hip Thrusts, Forward & Backward Walks, Side Lying Clams, Kick Backs and so much more.

- Perfect for home and gym workouts
- Premium fabric band
- Durable, lightweight build
- Silicone taping for non-slip hold
- Raised rubber tab logo
- Carry bag included
- 55% Latex, 45% Polyester-Cotton.

Measurements: Long: 104cm x 3.5cm

Strength: 1x light (15-25lb/7-12kg), 1 x Medium (25-35lb/12-16kg), 1 x Heavy (35-40lb/16-18kg)

Wash: By hand

Comes With: Drawstring pouch + Training Manual 

    Add his to your Mother's day list or give the gift of fitness to a friend! That's home workouts sorted in one box! Plus upgraded express delivery on these!

    Please note: All Mother's day Box Bundles are non-refundable and not exchangeable for credit. No refunds will be processed on any seasonal bundles. Payments referred to herein shall not be refundable under any circumstances including, but not limited to, the termination of this purchase or for any other reason.