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Skipping Speed jump Rope Black

9ft Adjustable 'Jump & Speed' Skipping Rope  
A low-cost way to stay active and healthy at home. Learn new tricks to impress your friends.  



Strong and Durable PVC Rope 
To help you with a smooth rotation 

Comfortable Grip Handles 

Adjustable 9FT 
Length for perfect skipping consistency 

Health Benefits 
Calorie burn weight loss
Improve your MMA/Boxing skill
Gym Exercises and Cardio Fitness Workouts 

Wide Ranging Suitability 
Good for beginners, professionals and boxers 
Outdoor and Indoor or Home Use         
For ALL Ages 


| An average person burns up to 200 Calories by skipping for 15 Mins! |
NHS recommends 10 mins of daily cardio exercise, that's 10 minutes of skipping! |
| Wide ranging health benefits just from skipping: improve heart rate, blood pressure, balance, flexibility, muscle tone and bone strength! |